Party 13

Andar Patrone is a human cleric, and the leader of Party 13.  He once followed the teachings Allora, the goddess of guidance, but now preaches the good word of Any God That Will Listen.  He also has some anger issues.  Please do not mention them.  Please.

After being laughed out of Los Angeles, Ray Fallon has returned to his hometown to work in the family business, lick his wounds, and plot his next big move.  Now he studies computer science and goes for walks.

Lora Braidwine is a human fighter who utilizes finesse, intelligence, and speed over brute force while fighting.  She is the assistant leader of Party 13, and the only member who can objectively be called "good" at her job.

Sarah Stryker is a performer based in central Jersey, which does exist despite the rumors. She loves dressing up and playing pretend, so acting is pretty much the best job for that skill set. 

Benicio Markanti is a half-elf rogue with a heart of gold.  He is well known among the common folk for his heroic deeds and constant fight for equality and freedom.  He is also well known among the female common folk as "that weirdo with the terrible pick up lines".

Dan Keyser is a teacher and performer.  He chooses to believe that Benicio’s personality and adventures parallel his own life. In reality, he goes to bed early and wears a tie four days out of the week.

Thoven Battlebeard is a dwarven ranger whose speaking style is similar to the ways of the forest - mysterious and flowery and weird.  Nevertheless, he is an incredibly gifted tracker and warrior.

By day, John Fischer is a consultant from the capital area of NJ after completing his Ph.D. in physics in 2015. By night and weekends he is lyricist and one third of a writing team that has created Star Wars! the Musical and Lemonade!, in addition to some songs on this very podcast. He is also a reasonably acceptable husband and an aspiring father.  

Varne Stormleaf is the self-declared (and often repeated) Greatest Wizard in All of Existence and in Every Plane. His ongoing goal is to prove to everyone that it is he, quite simply, The Best.

Rudy Basso is a writer and performer living in Northern New Jersey.  He does not make any declarations about his ranking in either of those two fields.

Temporary Party Members

Kai is a kind-hearted ninja pirate MONK who uses the teachings of his mystical order to punch bad guys in the face. Repeatably.

Andrew Timmes is probably his real name.

Other VIPs

Old Man Wisely is a friendly and eccentric ex-adventurer who will gladly spin you a tale for a coin or two (or a pint or three).  His storytelling ability is extremely vivid and detailed, almost as if the "stories" actually happened...

James Introcaso is a writer/producer/director/dungeon master/game designer/performer/all-around great guy living in the Washington, DC metro area. If you ever want to talk about tabletop RPGs, he is down.