Have Spellbook, Will Travel - Episode 4-4: Final Curtain

With the mystery of who did it solved, our heroes move to catch the murderer and save the Duchess!  Will they succeed?  Will they fail, AGAIN?  Is it inappropriate to put two spaces after punctuation when writing in a non-scholarly setting?  Most of these questions are answered in this exciting conclusion to Have Spellbook, Will Travel Arc 4!

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Cast List for this Episode

Old Man Wisely: James Introcaso
Lora Braidwine: Sarah Stryker
Varne Stormleaf: Rudy Basso
Benicio Markanti: Dan Keyser
Thoven Battlebeard: John Fischer
Rosalie Angeltone: Maria Aromando
Tavern Goer 1: Lili Timmes
Tavern Goer 2: Andrew Timmes
Darcilia Ross: Bonnie MacDonald
Dire Squirrel: Vegas Lancaster
Aurox: Vegas Lancaster
Lady Ridley: Evie King
Greiner: Andrew Timmes
Tacomin Gemming: Mark Smith

Battle Bards Sound Effects

Sound Effect: Mirror Image Spell - Filippo Buresta
Sound Effect: Teleport Spell Long Range - Pablo Betancourt

From: BattleBards.com
Under License: BattleBards Podcasters Audio License