Welcome Tome Show Listeners!

Ahoy, you Tome Show folk!  If you're here before 5/4, it's no doubt because you heard the most recent episode of The Round Table, in which James Introcaso and I (Rudy Basso) discuss Have Spellbook, Will Travel.  Thanks for coming by!  Feel free to browse and learn more about the cast and characters, or drop us a line via the contact page.

"What's this?  I see the first episode has been posted.  But didn't you guys mention that the first episode will premiere on Wednesday?" 

Yeah, we said something to that effect.  Unfortunately, RSS feeds and iTunes approval being what it is, we had to jump the first episode forward a few days for release.  But that's good - it means that you, the canny listener who acts upon discovering something of interest, get to listen to the first episode early.  WHOA WHOA WHOA.  Awesome.  For you!

James and I have always been blown away by the positive response and feedback from our Tome Show show listeners, so we really appreciate you tuning into The Round Table and D&D V&G and hope you'll add HSWT to your regular podcast line-up as well!

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