Have Spellbook, Will Travel - Episode 1-4: Hoot Roar

And here it is the, the conclusion to the first story arc of Have Spellbook, Will Travel.  We hope you have enjoyed this introductory adventure and will stick around to listen to more!

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Cast List for this Episode

Old Man Wisely: James Introcaso
Andar Patrone: Ray Fallon
Lora Braidwine: Sarah Stryker
Varne Stormleaf: Rudy Basso
Kai the Monk: Andrew Timmes
Benicio Markanti: Dan Keyser
Tavern Goer 1: Alex Basso
Tavern Goer 2: Dave Herman
Booghar the Goblin Mage: Vin St. John
Goblin #1: Vegas Lancaster
Goblin #2: Liz So
Milton the Miner: Dave Breidenstein
Dire Squirrel Prisoner: Vegas Lancaster
Targus the Owl Bear: Vin St. John
Blanche: Liz So
McGinty the Bartender: Sean Curry

Battle Bards Sound Effects

Sound Effect: Ilicevici Serban - Battleaxe Strikes Platemail
Sound Effect: Acid Blast Spell - Pitch Michael
Sound Effect: Animal Bites Platemail - Fabio Betancourt
Sound Effect: Animal Tail Slaps Platemail - Pablo Betancourt
Sound Effect: Blunt Arrow Strikes Wood Shield - Stuart Duffield
Monsterscape: Common Giant - Torture - Hill Giant Easts Terrified Intruders - Wilddog Productions
Sound Effect: Cone of Cold Spell - Daniel Warneke
Sound Effect: Fireball Spell - Daniel Warneke
Sound Effect: Magic Missile Spell - Daniel Warneke
Sound Effect: Massive Creature Roar - Illicevici Serban
Sound Effect: Monster Bites Chainmail - Wilddog Productions
Sound Effect: Quickened Lightning Bolt Spell - Rajest Gilbert
Sound Effect: Reflected Images Spell - Pablo Betancourt
Sound Effect: Scattered Images Spell - Stuart Duffield
Sound Effect: Sonic Blast Spell - Pitch Michael
Sound Effect: Teleport Spell Short Range - Pablo Betancourt

From: BattleBards.com
Under License: BattleBards Podcasters Audio License