Have Spellbook, Will Travel - Episode 2-3: The Battle of Beach Haven

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Cast List for this Episode

Old Man Wisely: James Introcaso
Andar Patrone: Ray Fallon
Lora Braidwine: Sarah Stryker
Varne Stormleaf: Rudy Basso
Benicio Markanti: Dan Keyser
Thoven Battlebeard: John Fischer
Veena the Water Nymph: Liz So
Fisherfrop: Alex Basso
Dorgoth the Dragon: Dan Keyser
Dr. Scourge: Lili Timmes
Captain of the Guard: Matt Uhrich
Helpful Villager: Vin St. John
Tom the Fish: Vegas Lancaster
Bullywugs: Dave Breidenstine, Dave Herman, Sean Curry
Beach Haven Mayor: Patrick Lavery
Tavern Goer 1: Dave Herman
Tavern Goer 2: Jen Nelson

Battle Bards Sound Effects

Sound Effect: Ilicevici Serban - Battleaxe Strikes Platemail
Sound Effect: Cone of Cold Spell - Daniel Warneke

From: BattleBards.com
Under License: BattleBards Podcasters Audio License