Have Spellbook, Will Travel - Episode 5-1: The TAG Summit

Holy Moly, we're back!  Here is the start of Arc 5, a rousing tale of corporate conventioning and synergistic business-ing!  Network along with your magical co-workers as you learn more about them, yourselves, and the money-making, high stakes World of Adventuring!

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Cast List for this Episode

Old Man Wisely: James Introcaso
Lora Braidwine: Sarah Stryker
Varne Stormleaf: Rudy Basso
Benicio Markanti: Dan Keyser
Thoven Battlebeard: John Fischer
Banilla Burnum: Mark Smith
McGinty: Sean Curry
Tourist # 1: Vin St. John
Rodney: Alex Basso
Allon: Dave Breidenstine
Filigrin the Feared: Sean Curry
Lydia the Sorcerer: Liz So
Student # 1 : Bonnie McDonald
Student # 2: Alex Basso
Jennifer Strong: Jen Fischer
Faria: Ryan Hennesy
Rolf the Paladin: Vin St. John