A radio drama is only as strong as its players and, lucky for us, we know some heavy hitters.  These amazing actors all do an incredible job portraying literally everyone else in our world.

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Maria Aromando is a new ensemble member who has not yet written a bio!

- "Hi, I'm Alex Basso."
- "That's all you want for your bio?"
- "Yeah.  No, wait.  I'm Alex Basso and I'm the best at Dungeons & Dragons."
- "...okay."

Notable Roles: Fisherfrop




By day, Dave Breidenstine is an elementary music teacher/video morning announcements producer from central Pennsylvania. By nights and weekends he is a composer and one third of a writing team that has created Star Wars! The Musical and Lemonade!, in addition to some songs on this very podcast. He is also a reasonably acceptable husband and biographical copier of John Fischer.

Notable Roles: Mekar the Wizard, Milton the Miner

Sean Curry is the force that cannot be caused, the great truth never known. He is all and nothing and everything. On Sundays, he likes to relax with a cup of coffee and the unanswered cries of a thousand extinguished civilizations. He is enjoying omnipotence and greatly looks forward to developing benevolence.

See more Sean at:

sean-curry.com | thesandwichenthusiast.com

Notable Roles: Filigrin the Feared, McGinty the Bartender

Lili Timmes really likes performing and thinks it's awesome that she gets to do so on a podcast!  She also enjoys reading, yoga, cooking, competition based reality television, pizza, and all things theatrical.  Lili is a lawyer by trade, for which she apologizes heartily.  She recently married a dude who's also in this podcast and knows you can guess which one if you put your mind to it.

Notable Roles: Kixaras the Summoner, Dr. Scourge, Kristy Ridley


Dave Herman is a busy man, involved in a multitude of projects. This year he's training hard for the NYC Triathlon to fundraise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Previously he's completed running every street in Manhattan, running 500 miles around the USA before his first marathon, and working 100 jobs in a year. He also performs improv comedy in NYC and enjoys sleep very much so.

Notable Roles: Bob the Hunter, Annabelle the Minotaur



Vegas Lancaster loves everybody. He is not the world's greatest comedian, or the world's greatest exterminator, but he is without question the world's greatest multiclass comedian/exterminator. You can see him live on Friday nights with the Philadelphia N Crowd or with his musical comedy duo Cat & Vegas and the Temple of Boom.

Notable Roles: Randy the Bandit Leader, Civvie Aurox the Lich, Tom the Fish

Patrick Lavery's voice can be heard most every weekday as the morning drive breaking news reporter on New Jersey's most listened-to radio station, New Jersey 101.5. He also fills in frequently on the anchor desk at 101.5 and other Townsquare Media stations across the Garden State. Pat has a long history of  credits, from commercial demos for Kraft, Nabisco and Pepperidge Farm to a background role in the direct-to-video animated Christmas feature Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night. Jersey radio listeners may have previously heard him on WTSR-FM in Trenton, WGHT-AM in Pompton Lakes, WYNY-FM in Milford, PA, or during a brief stint as an on-field announcer for the Somerset Patriots. Pat lives in Hunterdon County, NJ with his wife, Kristen, and their dog, Archie.

Notable Roles: Mr. Mayor Digby(s), Undead Aurox the Lich, Doc

Liz So is an actress and comedian born and raised in NY.  An improv comedian since 2008, she uses humor as a mechanism to protect her fragile heart from the harsh winds of life.  She has a dog and a cat who hate each other and five garden boxes who hate each other even more.  Especially skilled in impersonating children.

Notable Roles: Veena the Water Nymph



Vin St. John is a product manager who loves making games, apps, and comedy, wherever and however he can. He makes some great mouth-sounds on this show and he hopes you really love them.

Notable Roles: Rolf the Paladin





Matt Uhrich is a media production specialist living in Sacramento, CA.  He enjoys short hikes on mountaintops, photography, and all around travel/exploration.    

Notable Roles: Francois the Duelist

Jennifer Fischer doesn't usually do silly voices, but felt, after listening to her husband play D&D for so many years, that she could give it a try. She can usually be found teaching music as well as singing in musicals around NJ. Most recently she played Ursula in The Little Mermaid and Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes.

Notable Roles: Jennifer Strong

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Evie King is a new ensemble member who has not yet written a bio!

Notable Roles: Felicia Ridley

Caroline Collins  is a new ensemble member who has not yet written a bio!

Notable Roles: Allora

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Mark Smith came out of a self-imposed retirement from performing for the podcast, only to be cast as the lowly goblin named "Tacomin Gemmin'." Suffice it to say, he regrets nothing. HSWT has helped him overcome his extreme distaste for hearing his own voice. It has also introduced him to the mythos of D&D - in fact, he hopes to portray a shambling mound named Francis if James and Rudy will allow it. 

Notable roles: Tacomin Gemmin', Banilla Burnum