Sarah Stryker is a Witch a play.  Not in real life.  Or maybe?  You'd have to ask her.

One of the things we will always do here is key our audience in to any opportunities to see the cast perform somewhere live.  While everyone certainly does a wonderful job for HSWT, most of our actors identify as Theater Actors first and foremost.

Sarah is currently portraying one of the witches in Macbeth at The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater.   She is also a lady-in-waiting for Twelfth Night, which is running in conjunction with Macbeth.

If you enjoy Shakespeare (as you should!) and live in the Philly area, you should absolutely do yourself a favor and check out either/both of these productions, which run until May 22.  They're very, very good.

Buy Tickets for Macbeth
Buy Tickets for Twelfth Night

You may also purchase tickets by calling the box office at 215-496-8001.

Sarah (far right) as a scary witch.  A, uh, "Scarah", if you will.